UK Flights Resume to Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh Closed for Business

“UK Flights Resume to Sharm El Sheikh”. Over the years Golden Ticket has seen many changes in our client’s travelling habits, but never has an announcement been so eagerly anticipated.

Without doubt the loss to the UK Travel Industry of first Tunisia and then Sharm El Sheikh as package holiday destinations has been devastating. The tragic events of last summer are beyond comprehension. My heart goes out to every individual touched by the monstrous acts of terrorism which led to our Government’s decisive action.

The effect on the price of holidays to the perceived safe areas of Europe such as Spain and Portugal has been remarkable. It is not unusual for us to see holidays at twice or even three times the cost of just 12 months ago. This leaves British Tourists with a stark choice; pay through the nose for ridiculously overpriced options or seek out what value remains whilst weighing up the potential risks.

I would never try to persuade anyone to book a trip where they were fearful for their safety, but this is a dangerous world and perhaps our media are guilty of a bit of scaremongering. Turkey is a vast country and although its major cities often suffer security style incidents, its tourist areas have remained relatively untouched. We are all too aware of the economic and migratory problems which have engulfed Greece, but in truth the vast majority of the Greek Islands are totally unaffected.

Egypt without question is a more thorny issue; not least following last weeks, as yet, unexplained loss of an aircraft on route between Paris and Cairo.

Regular travellers to Red Sea areas still open to UK tourists such as Hurghada, Makadi Bay and Marsa Alam report back to me often on how, although a little quieter than normal, the hotels remain high quality and great value for money. However, I would fully understand a degree nervousness from any new visitor unfamiliar with these places.

One glimmer of hope for would be British holidaymakers was the recent news that Germany has eased its own self imposed flight suspension.

I suppose until we see the headline “Sharm El Sheikh is Safe”, following a change in our UK Home Office advice to travellers, the dilemma remains to take a chance and grab a cheap holiday or perhaps just stay at home and pray for sunshine.

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